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  • Odessa pseudo-crewing "attacks" of sailors

    Survival School 14.01.2015 16:54:38

    Odessa crewing company «Marine Service Corp.» continues obegorivat sailors, offering them as "employment" for real money and not small money, taking into account the current time and current policy of "democratic buck".

    метки: мошенники, коюинг, псевдо, лже-крюинг, одесса, кидалово, обман
  • What the sailor must remember before you sign the contract?

    Useful tips 11.01.2015 9:33:37

    Regardless of the conditions on which the seafarer agreed to work on the ship, there are certain minimum conditions which he must demand before signing a collective contract before leaving the house or before you get started.

    метки: contract, agreement, work, memo, salary, agreement
  • False motivation or what the meaning of work at sea

    Humor not only 01.01.2015 20:46:05

    Each person on the ship his motivation to work here. Who is not able to make that kind of money at home, it is well aware.

    метки: contract, life, money, flight
  • Black list or a black mark for the sea

    Descriptions and explanations 10.12.2014 14:10:05

    What is a blacklist of seafarers? Usually this websites where subscription or money you can get access to the database.

    метки: blekslist, ulm, blacklist, black, list, lock, accounting
  • Responsibilities crewing - agents manning

    Descriptions and explanations 05.11.2014 11:32:19

    Agents manning. or crewing agents - the company is acting as employment agencies sailors. Sailors use them to find work in the sea, and shipping companies - as sources for completing their crews.

    метки: агентства, обязанности, круинги, крюинги, работа, трудоустройство
  • Mystery of Russian submarines in Swedish waters, and very strange behavior of the tanker "Sovcomflot"

    Military 24.10.2014 11:47:50

    As you know from the reports of Swedish, Russian and world media, the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet first raised the alarm, saying, citing sources in the Ministry of National Defense that the evening of October 16 was intercepted by "disturbing" bro

    метки: подлодка, танкер, совкофлот, загадка, движение, карта, поведение, швеция
  • What shall "Dmitry Donskoy" his fellow "Yury Dolgoruky"

    Military 22.10.2014 22:48:59

    Without classified : missile project 941 Shark , which belonged to the modernization Dmitry Donskoy , considered the top Soviet submarine shipbuilding and direct response to the emergence of the American submarines like Ohio and the program Trident .

    метки: подлодка, крейсер, субмарина, ракетоносец, секретно, экипаж
  • KINOPOPAY: Hornblower - midshipman, lieutenant, captain

    Pastime 14.10.2014 21:42:58

    1793. In Europe, the era of wars and revolutions. Seventeen Horatio Hornblower entered the service in the British Royal Navy.

    метки: movie, adventure, boats, sea, career, drama
  • Sony demonstrated a test animation "Popeye" in 3D-version

    Pastime 25.09.2014 5:09:03

    The director Gennady Tartakovsky presented a video with a test animation film "Popeye» (Popeye).

    метки: анимация, попай, мультик, видео, моряк, герой, персонаж, демо
  • Let's play in the sea battle !?

    Pastime 15.09.2014 19:31:57

    A fun toy

    метки: seawars, sea, battle, game, games, recreation, warship
  • How to go to the first flight for Cadets

    Useful tips 13.08.2014 17:30:18

    I read a lot of despondency at the forum that "now to work for the Cadets do not", "you have to give a bribe" and other nonsense.

    метки: cadet, программа, кадет, работа, тесты, собеседование, зачетка, документы
  • Day of the Navy Russia

    Maritime history 27.07.2014 12:54:02

    Day of the Navy celebrated on the last Sunday of July on the basis of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on October 1, 1980 On holidays and memorial days.

    метки: holiday, history, navy, naval, ships, russia
  • How to create and send a questionnaire to the sailor crewing

    Useful tips 25.07.2014 13:37:01

    Many of you reading this article sailors regularly send dozens, and sometimes hundreds of emails in crewing companies or shipowners' offices in search of decent work.

    метки: рассылка, аппликейшен, крюинг, отослать, анкета, подготовка, письма, работа
  • The first women sailors

    Maritime history 13.07.2014 6:07:16

    Despite all the superstitions regarding finding the women on board ships, sometimes they were able to join the crews.

    метки: women, sailors, mariners, first, history, pirates, secret

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