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  • Resume as a tool to improve the competitiveness of sailors on foreign labor market

    Useful tips 17.11.2015 22:28:48

    During the search operation cadets (and many experienced sailors), as a rule, rely only on domestic crewing companies.

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  • Tips experienced as successfully pass their first interview in crewing

    Useful tips 10.11.2015 17:23:36

    The contents of this article describes the features of the first or one of the first campaigns in crewing.

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  • Memo sailors departing on a voyage on a ship under the flag of convenience

    Useful tips 30.08.2015 8:08:26

    Before going on a voyage on a ship under the flag of convenience (FOC), make sure that you are indeed a member of the Seamen's Union.

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  • Gathering in flight, what to bring

    Useful tips 02.05.2015 11:27:30

    And then, finally, you have found a job at sea, signed in crewing, which means you have left just a couple of days to collect the suitcases.

    метки: flight, collecting, suitcase, hand, luggage, difficulties
  • 10 things you need to remember the sailors from the ship prior to disposal

    Useful tips 29.03.2015 21:32:32

    Day of departure from the ship, probably very happy, restless, full of adrenaline and emotion. It is preceded by sleepless nights, hard work.

    метки: списание, уход, судно, документы, формальности, обязанности, возвращение, памятка
  • Sites for Job Search

    Useful tips 16.02.2015 13:54:03

    There comes a time when the bidder or an experienced sailor looking for a job and for this he turned to the Internet.

    метки: работа, поиск, море, вакансии, каталог, ссылки, ресурсы, список
  • How to pass the Marlins test? All of the Marlins test

    Useful tips 13.02.2015 12:58:06

    Computer test for seafarers in the English language, is widely used in large kryuningovyh companies and training centers for seafarers.

    метки: marlins, test, test, english, training, testing,
  • What the sailor must remember before you sign the contract?

    Useful tips 11.01.2015 9:33:37

    Regardless of the conditions on which the seafarer agreed to work on the ship, there are certain minimum conditions which he must demand before signing a collective contract before leaving the house or before you get started.

    метки: contract, agreement, work, memo, salary, agreement
  • How to go to the first flight for Cadets

    Useful tips 13.08.2014 17:30:18

    I read a lot of despondency at the forum that "now to work for the Cadets do not", "you have to give a bribe" and other nonsense.

    метки: cadet, программа, кадет, работа, тесты, собеседование, зачетка, документы
  • How to create and send a questionnaire to the sailor crewing

    Useful tips 25.07.2014 13:37:01

    Many of you reading this article sailors regularly send dozens, and sometimes hundreds of emails in crewing companies or shipowners' offices in search of decent work.

    метки: рассылка, аппликейшен, крюинг, отослать, анкета, подготовка, письма, работа
  • How to sleep in the flight of 6 hours (part 1)

    Useful tips 30.06.2014 16:02:15

    I tell a story from the life of a friend starmeha. On the transition remained in the engine room 3 days, afraid that the engine stalls.

    метки: flight, watch, slowpoke, lack, of, sleep
  • As the sailor look for a job?

    Useful tips 18.05.2014 11:43:45

    The question - whether to change the company and find a new job for more pay or promotion to the post, if it occurs, takes a lot of time, nerves and mental effort.

    метки: job, search, jobs, tips, owner, management
  • Crewing, contracts and work directly

    Useful tips 04.05.2014 17:50:51

    Modern sailor and contract - are indivisible. On the basis of the contract and a sailor working on the ship.

    метки: crewing, ship, owner, employment, sailor, work
  • Six threats & quot; anti-terrorist & quot; bills

    Useful tips 14.01.2014 4:19:54

    This week, the State Duma introduced a package of bills that could affect on several aspects of the development of Russian society and the Russian Internet.

    метки: payments, via, the, internet

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