• Ships Marine Self-Defense Forces of Japan

    Military 14.09.2015 10:58:22

    Despite the awesome potential of the Chinese Navy, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force looks much more attractive.

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  • The fish-robot are adopting the US Navy

    Military 19.08.2015 16:58:25

    Naval Office of the United States presented their rookie - a huge fish-spy, capable to carry out tasks under the guise of an ordinary tuna.

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  • Mystery of Russian submarines in Swedish waters, and very strange behavior of the tanker "Sovcomflot"

    Military 24.10.2014 11:47:50

    As you know from the reports of Swedish, Russian and world media, the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet first raised the alarm, saying, citing sources in the Ministry of National Defense that the evening of October 16 was intercepted by "disturbing" bro

    метки: подлодка, танкер, совкофлот, загадка, движение, карта, поведение, швеция
  • What shall "Dmitry Donskoy" his fellow "Yury Dolgoruky"

    Military 22.10.2014 22:48:59

    Without classified : missile project 941 Shark , which belonged to the modernization Dmitry Donskoy , considered the top Soviet submarine shipbuilding and direct response to the emergence of the American submarines like Ohio and the program Trident .

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  • Turkey has created its own military ship - the corvette class «MİLGEM»

    Military 02.05.2011

    Turkey has recently announced the creation of its own warship class corvette «MİLGEM» (translated from Turkish means "national ship").

    метки: ship, turkey, corvette, mİlgem, navy

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