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  • What can I take into an airplane in hand luggage. Updated rules 2017

    Descriptions and explanations 17.11.2017 0:07:15

    Are you going on vacation or on a business trip? You will fly on an airplane? Then you just need to read this stuff! In 2017, new rules emerged for the transportation of hand luggage in an airplane.

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  • The main positions of the crew of the yacht

    Descriptions and explanations 25.04.2016 16:06:54

    Perhaps one of the features of working on yachts is that almost every newcomer must begin his professional career from the lowest level and gradually move up the career ladder.

    метки: экипаж, яхта, борт, работа, должность
  • The types of ships for the transportation of goods

    Descriptions and explanations 14.10.2015 18:45:14

    To date, very large volumes of transported goods between Europe and Asia, so its transportation is carried out by means of maritime transport.

    метки: types, classification, transport, transportation, cargo
  • The main types of ships, classification of maritime transport

    Descriptions and explanations 26.09.2015 13:32:24

    All vessels, depending on their type and purpose are divided into: transportation (freight and passenger), fishing (trawlers, seiners), service and support (icebreakers, tugs), special purpose (education, hydrographic) and vessels of technical fleet.

    метки: классификация, типы, суда, назначение, конструкция, характеристики
  • Interesting facts about the seas and oceans

    Descriptions and explanations 16.09.2015 10:18:25

    Did you know that ...? - Life began in the seas of 3.1 billion. To 3.4 billion. Years ago. The inhabitants of the earth were 400 mln.

    метки: океан, вода, планета, территория, глубоководъе, глубина, суша, жизнь
  • Description abbreviations types of ships and maritime terms

    Descriptions and explanations 18.05.2015 16:58:56

    Actually, the list of abbreviations types of ships, marine terms and a brief or a full description

    метки: abbriveatura, decoding, reduction, vessel, types, terms,
  • Illegal migrants on board problems for crew members

    Descriptions and explanations 17.02.2015 14:41:12

    Recently sailors worried the problem of illegal migration in the shipping industry, which, one way or another, affect their interests.

    метки: зайяц, мигранты, проблемы, экипаж, нелегалы, конвенция, беженцы, ответственость
  • Russian Maritime Register of Shipping has summed up 2014

    Descriptions and explanations 24.01.2015 16:53:34

    The past year, the 101st in the activities of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, an internationally recognized classification society, has become a landmark.

    метки: shipping, up, register, society, shipbuilding
  • Black list or a black mark for the sea

    Descriptions and explanations 10.12.2014 14:10:05

    What is a blacklist of seafarers? Usually this websites where subscription or money you can get access to the database.

    метки: blekslist, ulm, blacklist, black, list, lock, accounting
  • Responsibilities crewing - agents manning

    Descriptions and explanations 05.11.2014 11:32:19

    Agents manning. or crewing agents - the company is acting as employment agencies sailors. Sailors use them to find work in the sea, and shipping companies - as sources for completing their crews.

    метки: агентства, обязанности, круинги, крюинги, работа, трудоустройство
  • Responsibilities 3 Deck Officer (Part 3)

    Descriptions and explanations 24.06.2014 14:05:46

    In a previous article, we stopped for such duties 3 OOW as monthly documents. This article will talk about: The monthly records; Bond store; SOPEP room; Mooring; Tips experienced; Little life hacking.

    метки: 3shmp, duty, officer, reports, documentation
  • Responsibilities 3 Deck Officer (Part 2)

    Descriptions and explanations 29.05.2014 12:15:26

    This article provided the material that introduces you to the work of the third assistant, as if you have come for the first time on a ship in the post.

    метки: 3pk, duties, navigator, deck, officer
  • About roles and crew

    Descriptions and explanations 04.05.2014 17:58:20

    I'll tell you about the positions on merchant fleet. There are many good and different positions. Mechanics and navigator, electricians and sailors.

    метки: crew, ship, sudoalvdelets
  • Responsibilities 3 Deck Officer (Part 1)

    Descriptions and explanations 03.05.2014 10:05:50

    With this record begins a series of articles that should know and be able to merchant navy officer to work effectively and efficiently carry out their duties.

    метки: 3впк, пдд, мппсс, знания, обязанности, должность, правила, deck

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