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Dear sailors! Team Information web resource Popeye-Crew © offers you a service for sending your CV, application forms sailors (CV, application form) for direct e-mail crewing and ship owners.

Brief: Our base shipping agencies and shipping companies, including providing crewing services worldwide, is constantly updated and currently has more than 2,000 titles and over 2,200 current email-addresses.

What is needed for ordering services

You send us an email at, consisting of:

  • Subject to crewing (for example: "looking for the job as [your position]")
  • Message body \ accompanying text to the crewing company letter
  • Your attached CV \ AF (in English)
  • The subject line must specify "Payment", then we will send you details.

The cost of this service is the EURO or Dollars equivalent of $50 at a commercial rate on the payment date.

If necessary, fill and possible correction of your CV. The cost of this service ranges from $ 5 to $ 20 depending on the volume of data being processed.

We produce sending out resumes / your profiles (CV \ AF) from Monday to Thursday, accepting applications - around the clock seven days a week.

If you have any questions:
– Write:
– Set in our group in
– Leave your comment in the form below

The Blank AF / CV for sailor to sendDownload blank of application form (.doc)

CV sailor - distributionHow to create and send a sailor in love crewing? (Ru)

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