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For advertising on the site please contact our e-mail or through the feedback form


General conditions for placing banner advertising:

An advertiser who placed a banner earlier has the pre-emptive right to renew its advertising space provided that it has been prepaid for its renewal or provided a letter of guarantee for payment 5 days before the end of the placement.

Reservation of the advertising space is carried out for up to two working days, or for up to seven working days provided that a guarantee letter is provided for its payment.


The prices for advertising spaces can significantly change and are determined by market conditions.

Advertising is provided in three types of impressions: Duration in calendar days, Views, Clicks.

Advertising formats

You can use the following ad formats:


Graphic Banners (Gif)

Flash Banner

Rich Media


Text Banners

If you have non-standard requirements, and we need an advertising format that we do not have, we are always ready to include it in the system.


Making a banner layout from 150 UAH. When ordering for more than 1500 UAH - mock-ups are free.


Attention, action! When ordering advertising for 3 months - 10% discount, for 6 months - 15% discount and for 12 months - 25% discount.


Placing news, articles, publications

A custom article in the "KAMBUZ" or "NEWS" section (perpetually).


- with your materials - 325 UAH

- without materials - from 375 UAH


Customized news on the main page (the price is indicated for guaranteed accommodation for 1 week, if there are no fresh news - further free of charge)


- with material - 375 UAH

- without materials - from 425 UAH


To clarify and discuss the details, write to info @ or use the feedback form.


We will be glad to cooperate with you!

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