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  • Odessa pseudo-crewing "attacks" of sailors

    Survival School 14.01.2015 16:54:38

    Odessa crewing company «Marine Service Corp.» continues obegorivat sailors, offering them as "employment" for real money and not small money, taking into account the current time and current policy of "democratic buck".

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  • How fraudsters sold into slavery Ukrainian sailors

    Survival School 29.05.2014 14:30:06

    Ukraine occupies a leading place among the countries supplying sailors on commercial shipping lines, and every year who want to leave the voyage becomes more and more.

    метки: captive, slaves, swindlers, work, work
  • American 6th Fleet is trying to threaten Russia? Historic answer!

    Survival School 23.05.2014 21:51:18

    During World War II, the Mediterranean Sea, the Americans have introduced dozens of ships, and after the war, quite decided to turn it into a private lake.

    метки: us, russia, the, opposition, the, fleet, hibiny, navy
  • Sailors and fraudsters

    Survival School 03.05.2014 10:16:09

    I was approached by a young colleague to publish a cautionary tale that has recently happened to his friend.

    метки: fraudsters, scammers, swindlers, cheating, sailors, work
  • 12 most famous shipwrecks, which can be seen

    Survival School 09.04.2014 20:23:30

    According to experts, there are about four million shipwrecks scattered across the oceans, some of which are already more than a thousand years.

    метки: ship, wreck, storm, unesco, flooding, famous
  • Marine superstition

    Survival School 06.02.2014 10:49:41

    Superstition has always accompanied people. They accompany us since the days of paganism, when every step was accompanied by a spell or superstitious ritual.

    метки: superstition, sea, seaman, sailor, faith, superstition, zabobony

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