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  • False motivation or what the meaning of work at sea

    Humor not only 01.01.2015 20:46:05

    Each person on the ship his motivation to work here. Who is not able to make that kind of money at home, it is well aware.

    метки: contract, life, money, flight
  • Mongolian carrier

    Humor not only 02.05.2014 12:40:40

    Here is a photo walk for a long time with all sorts of humorous captions such as "Mongolian aircraft carrier.

    метки: mongolian, aircraft, carrier, exhibition
  • Movies with curious moments in the management of the courts

    Humor not only 18.04.2014 8:03:35

    The park container. As pressed lift to the pier. And a couple of absurd and a bit tragic moments

    метки: parking, container, humor, ship, curiosities
  • Again Friday: a selection of fun pictures

    Humor not only 14.03.2014 18:19:15

    Robinson had a Friday, every Friday is one of the Fridays I have not stopped Friday O_o

    метки: юмор, приколы, демотиваторы, попай, морякам, морячкам, отдых, времяпровождение
  • Traditions and superstitions on Valentine's Day in the World

    Humor not only 14.02.2014

    Gradually, the feast of St. Valentine acquired their rites and traditions, some of which have survived to our time.

    метки: традиции, суеверия, день, валентин, святой, праздники, страны, world

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