• KINOPAPAY: / f "Treasure Island / Treasure Island» (2012)

    Pastime 28.07.2015 22:16:46

    This new adaptation of the beloved classic novel R.Stivensona uses fresh and bold approach to create an exciting, action-packed picture.

    метки: island, сокровищ, боевик, морской, фильм, кино, приключения, корабль
  • KINOPOPAY: Hornblower - midshipman, lieutenant, captain

    Pastime 14.10.2014 21:42:58

    1793. In Europe, the era of wars and revolutions. Seventeen Horatio Hornblower entered the service in the British Royal Navy.

    метки: movie, adventure, boats, sea, career, drama
  • Sony demonstrated a test animation "Popeye" in 3D-version

    Pastime 25.09.2014 5:09:03

    The director Gennady Tartakovsky presented a video with a test animation film "Popeye» (Popeye).

    метки: анимация, попай, мультик, видео, моряк, герой, персонаж, демо
  • Let's play in the sea battle !?

    Pastime 15.09.2014 19:31:57

    A fun toy

    метки: seawars, sea, battle, game, games, recreation, warship
  • KINOPOPAY "Matchstick Men» / Matchstick Men (USA 2003)

    Pastime 05.04.2014 6:39:34

    Popeye is recommended for viewing on the weekend, "Matchstick Men" - a film directed by Ridley Scott.

    метки: фильм, афера, великолепная, рейтинг, ридли, скотт, рекомендуем
  • Life ring: 157 meters of steel in Fushun

    Pastime 14.03.2014 20:26:32

    The new attraction is being built in the northeastern city of Fushun, in Liaoning Province, China. Giant steel orbit called the "Ring of Life".

    метки: город, технологии, архитектура, достопримечательности, туризм, кольцо
  • KINOPOPAY "White Squall» / White Squall (USA 1996)

    Pastime 07.02.2014 14:54:27

    Popeye is recommended for viewing: "White Squall" - a film directed by Ridley Scott. The film is based on real events.

    метки: cinema, film, flurry, white, white, squall, ridley, scott

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