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  • The fastest cruise liner United States rebuilt for offices and schools

    Cruise fleet 04.12.2015 1:02:23

    At the time, one of the biggest passenger liners could accelerate to 38 knots and a transatlantic speed record set transition among classmates, who is not beaten yet.

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  • Crimea will save the "white ship"

    Cruise fleet 03.10.2015 16:14:50

    How to break the blockade of the Crimea? Visits to the peninsula of opposition parliamentarians and retired prime ministers of the EU countries in principle good, but ineffective.

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  • One day, Dmitry routine work on a cruise ship

    Cruise fleet 13.08.2015 10:12:14

    Hello everybody.

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  • How (Author) passed selection for Princess Cruises in Odessa in January 2013

    Cruise fleet 31.07.2015 19:09:47

    So, let me tell you about a personal experience through all the stages of selection in the US company Princess Cruises to the position Watch Specialist in Duty Free Gift Shop.

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