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  • Marine superstition

    Survival School 06.02.2014 10:49:41

    Superstition has always accompanied people. They accompany us since the days of paganism, when every step was accompanied by a spell or superstitious ritual.

    метки: superstition, sea, seaman, sailor, faith, superstition, zabobony
  • Six threats & quot; anti-terrorist & quot; bills

    Useful tips 14.01.2014 4:19:54

    This week, the State Duma introduced a package of bills that could affect on several aspects of the development of Russian society and the Russian Internet.

    метки: payments, via, the, internet
  • FLIP - unique research ship (VIDEO)

    This vessel has added more than half a century ago and is still one of a kind. A ship capable of receiving both horizontal and vertical position, a truly unique vehicle.

    метки: flip, craft, unique, boat, country, laboratory, wave
  • The Black Sea Fleet: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    Descriptions and explanations 27.03.2013 15:45:56

    - Is the theme of the scientific-practical conference, organized within the joint project of the site "The fleet - XXI Century" and the Foundation "Russian world", held on July 12 in Sevastopol Maritime Library.

    метки: корвет, черноморский, флот, корабль, опыт, проект, учения, безопасность
  • Turkey has created its own military ship - the corvette class «MİLGEM»

    Military 02.05.2011

    Turkey has recently announced the creation of its own warship class corvette «MİLGEM» (translated from Turkish means "national ship").

    метки: ship, turkey, corvette, mİlgem, navy

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