Maritime history

  • The origin of the tradition to break the champagne on board the new ship

    Maritime history 10.09.2015 0:38:23

    Before you pull the new boat on the water, conduct a ritual - its board is required to break a bottle of champagne.

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  • The history of the container fleet. Types of container

    Maritime history 28.07.2015 19:16:44

    The history of the container fleet begins in mid-1950s when some bulk carriers and tankers have been converted for the transport of containers.

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  • Day of the Navy Russia

    Maritime history 27.07.2014 12:54:02

    Day of the Navy celebrated on the last Sunday of July on the basis of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on October 1, 1980 On holidays and memorial days.

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  • The first women sailors

    Maritime history 13.07.2014 6:07:16

    Despite all the superstitions regarding finding the women on board ships, sometimes they were able to join the crews.

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  • A woman on board

    Maritime history 01.07.2014 14:10:21

    In the history of the development of the water element especially tenacious belief that a woman on board to trouble.

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  • Tattoos sailors

    Maritime history 22.04.2014 10:26:01

    The tradition of decorating the body with tattoos spread throughout the world largely because of James Cook and his crew, which in the 70 years of the XVIII century, visited the islands of Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean.

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