CrewInspector provides software for Ropetec International Ltd.

CrewInspector provides software for Ropetec International Ltd.

Riga - CrewInspector, the provider of the software for crewing has concluded the contract with Ropetec International Ltd, for management of crewing, and as all activity of the company as a whole in the offshore industry.

Notes and observations 3084 13 декабря, 2013

CrewInspector has successfully integrated all Ropetec offices in South Africa and the Middle East, namely Angola, Ghana, the Republic of the Congo, Namibia, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates. The agreement involved the safe migration of data from an outdated human resources management system to CrewInspector, namely all personal data of team members, including information on available certificates.

CrewInspector introduced functional capabilities into the work of Ropetec, on the individual request of the company itself. Such as the ability to archive certificates and documentation, monitor the expiration of temporary and permanent contracts of crew members by means of notifications. The new system also included many document templates to provide a quick and smooth workflow. Further cooperation involves the development of a project management module tailored to the requirements of the offshore industry.

"We are very pleased to work with Ropetec, this partnership sets new goals for us, and the knowledge and experience that Ropetec has in the offshore industry is an invaluable contribution to our partnership," said Andy Lipsburg, co-owner of CrewInspector.

Note that the company Ropetec International Ltd was founded in 1991 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Ropetec specializes in non-destructive testing and control, as well as providing technical repair and customer service with offshore infrastructures. The company operates and provides services around the world.

CrewInspector Ltd, established in 2011 in Riga, is an online software provider for crewing, and is also a valid software since 2004. CrewInspector is primarily created for crewing agencies and companies for the management of ships. presents a complete package of solutions for the work in the field of crewing, such as: a database for team members, scheduling and scheduling for crew members, document control, calculation of salaries for seafarers and billing of customers. CrewInspector fully complies with MLC 2006.

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