It launched a new frigate for the Black Sea Fleet

It launched a new frigate for the Black Sea Fleet

Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" March 14, 2014 launched the first frigate of Project 11356 for the Russian Navy, said the press service of the United Aircraft Corporation. The ship, named "Admiral Grigorovich", built for the Black Sea Fleet. Earlier it was reported that the frigate fleet will be transferred to the end of 2014.

World News 2118 15 марта, 2014

The construction of Project 11356 frigates for the Russian fleet is carried out under two contracts with the Russian Ministry of Defense, signed in 2010. In total, according to these agreements, six frigates should be transferred to the military, the last of which will become part of the Russian fleet in 2016. All of them will become part of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The first frigate of Project 11356 ─ Admiral Grigorovich ─ was laid down on board Yantar on December 18, 2010, the second ─ Admiral Essen ─ July 8, 2011, the third ─ Admiral Makarov ─ February 29, 2012, the fourth ─ Admiral Butakov ”─ 12 July 2013, and the fifth ─“ Admiral Istomin ”─ 15 November 2013.

Ships of project 11356 with a length of 124.8 meters and a width of 15.2 meters have a displacement of about four thousand tons. They are capable of speeds up to 30 knots, and their cruising range is 4.5 thousand miles. The frigates are armed with A-190E artillery mounts, Shtil-1 anti-aircraft missile systems, Kashtan anti-aircraft artillery systems and torpedo tubes of 533 mm caliber. The air group of ships may include Ka-28 or Ka-31 helicopters.

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