Details of the crash, "Costa Concordia"

Details of the crash, "Costa Concordia"

Captain Francesco Skettino drove the Costa Concordia liner to the reefs as quickly as he then escaped from the emergency ship. In the court, new details became known in the case of the cruise liner inundation. The testimony was given by one of the officers of the passenger ship Salvatore Urcino. He was in the captain's cabin, when the liner jumped on the reefs off the island of Giglio.

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"Skettino gave his senior assistant Ciro Ambrosio an order to increase the speed", the officer said.

To understand the order, the Indonesian needed a translation into English, he was helped by Salvatore Urcino. According to the witness, the fatal order was ottadan 5 minutes before the tragedy.

Francesco Schetino is charged with manslaughter of 32 people on board a cruise liner. Earlier, the captain said that the ship crashed due to an error in the navigation charts, supposedly "Skole" - a reef that "ripped" the passenger ship, was not indicated on the map.

At one time, the crew members denied Francesco Schetino's words in court. However, this is not the only contradictory discrepancy in the description by witnesses of the events of that fateful night. According to the captain, he was on the liner until the last and helped to save people. And according to the statements of the witnesses, he was seen, one of the first to reach the land. Schetto threatens to 20 years imprisonment.

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