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Балтик Групп Интернешнл (BGI Germany GmbH)

  • Hamburg, 342, Stresemannstrasse, 22761
  • 49 (0)40 87976880; 49 (0)40 879768829
  • 3,5 / оценок: 2

«BGI Germany» was registered in German Register of Enterprises in February 2009 and started operation in April 2009.

Our main service is crewmanagement for German shipowners and managers, operating vessels under German Tax regulations.
BGI Germany provides both «lumpsum» and «cost plus fee» crewmanagement service. Having close access to BGI set of offices, BGI Germany is ready to meet high level of requirements to provide crewmanagement service for different types of vessels, including container vessels, tankers andchemical tankers. Contacting to BGI Germany, our clients can get crews not only from own chain of offices in FSU, but fromPolandBulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Philippines as well. 

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