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AJAX Offshore Bunkering Services Ltd

  • Limassol, 124, Ayias Paraskevis Street, Yermasoyia Village, Limassol 3725
  • 35725-899-140
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Ajax Offshore Bunkering Services Ltd is a physical bunker supplier and trader with head offices in Limassol Cyprus.

For over 20 years Ajax has been one of the main physical bunker suppliers for vessels transiting or working in the Eastern Mediterranean. We have provided constant, reliable service and credit facilities to ship owners and traders and have gained a reputation for flexibility and efficiency. Ajax has worked to develop and promote ports of Cyprus by simplifying calling and supply procedures and offering quality fuels at competitive prices. 

Ajax has an established network of suppliers worldwide that service both our customer base and our own fleet of vessels. We offer competitive prices for marine fuels and lubricants at thousands of ports around the world and provide our customers with support and expert knowledge throughout the decision making and supply process.

We can provide basic low cost bunkers-only service at Limassol port via EDT Agency Services Ltd.

Other services include and are not limited to:

  • Crewing
  • Provisions
  • Fresh Water
  • Garbage Removal
  • Cargo Operations
  • Fabrication Work
  • Equipment Hire
  • Permanent Technical Staff Assistance
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