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Company, “Shipcare Services srl”, with head office in Constanta Romania, managed by an experienced team either on board or at office ashore with excellent knowledge of the ship’s needs and the International Regulations of the certification of the crew, is a legal, certified and licensed organization according to the Romanian Law, in order to cover our clients demands in crew needs with Romanian personnel. Our company deploys seafarers and workers, for any kind and type of vessel of various nationalities of ship-Owners, ship-Managers, Shipyards, Oil Rigs and Energy sector. The deployed seafarers and workers by us is a documented evidence of the quality we offer to our esteemed clients providing them duly certified, well experienced, skilled, and disciplined personnel. Our quality is further extended to the screening of all candidates passing them a strict interview and character check prior to propose any of them for our client’s approval according to each individual rank and requirements. However, for seafarers, a pre-boarding familiarization is also carried out regarding our clients’ policies and procedures based on the copies of their ISM manuals provided to us, safety on board and environmental protection. 

Human resources are an essential element in manpower supply and crewing operation and we are committed to providing quality products for our clients at competitive terms. "Shipcare Services" has steadily grown to become the leading overseas recruiter for Romanian (east Europeans) manpower for projects worldwide specializing in permanent, contracts and short term personnel recruitment.

We provide safe, cost-effective solutions and delivering a world class service to our customers. We treat each client as an individual with services designed to meet their needs.


Our crew database consists of approximately 8500 certified, highly-qualified Romanian seafarers of all ranks who have worked with multilingual and multicultural crews on board all major types of vessels, including passenger vessels, dry cargoes, bulk carriers, container carriers, oil-chemical tankers, gas carriers and ro-ro.

Our seagoing personnel includes Masters, Chief Officers/Second/Third Officers, Chief Engineers/Second/Third Engineers, Assistant Engineers, Reefer Engineers and Technicians, Electricians, ratings and catering staff who are trained, licensed and certified. Also, our data base includes personnel for luxury yachts (waitresses, cabin stewardess, hair dresser, massage therapist etc) good looking and with large experience on these types of vessels.

We update our files continuously with medical, certification and other information such as training and crew appraisal records.

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