Cruise ship Cruise Roma has a serious accident

Cruise ship Cruise Roma has a serious accident

A serious accident occurred on the Italian passenger ship Cruise Roma, which, with 390 passengers aboard, left the Sardinian Porto Torres to Barcelona in Spain on the evening of Saturday December 8th.

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As the Sardinian edition of SardiniaPost reported, the vessel, owned by Grimaldi Lines, was stopped on the high seas after crew members discovered a breakdown of the left-hand propeller shaft. The captain notified the port authorities and the Italian coast guard service and decided to eliminate the accident on their own.

The incident caused great concern to the participants in the cruise, who started calling friends, relatives and various government services.

In the end, after a few hours of work, the breakdown was eliminated, but Cruise Roma did not take the course to Barcelona, ​​but to the Roman port of Civitavecchia, where it should arrive that night. It is assumed that in the capital’s port passengers will be transferred to another ship of the Grimaldi Lines company, which will depart for Barcelona.

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