After the explosion on the Iranian oil tanker burning off the coast of China, there is a threat of a large-scale ecological catastrophe

After the explosion on the Iranian oil tanker burning off the coast of China, there is a threat of a large-scale ecological catastrophe

The Iranian oil tanker Sanchi, which is already burning for five days after a collision with a ship in the China Sea, exploded. At the moment, over the place of the collision is the aircraft, which continues to search for the missing tanker crew members. Now the body of one of the sailors is found, his personality is established.

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Near the shores of China near Shanghai is ready to explode and sink an Iranian oil tanker. The vessel, which is burning in the East China Sea for the second day, threatens with an ecological catastrophe throughout the water area . Around it is spreading poisonous combustible condensate. More than 30 sailors from Iran and Bangladesh were missing. The body of one of them has already been found.

As reported on Thursday morning, January 11, the Ministry of Transport of China, the measures taken by Chinese firefighters, did not yield the desired results. Therefore, to avoid further accidents, the rescuers had to retire to a safe distance.

A huge torch in the East China Sea can not be extinguished for the second day: not only the tanker itself is burning, but even the water is hundreds of meters around. The oil film burns on the surface of the sea. Fuel leakage and fire began immediately after the collision of an Iranian vessel with a Hong Kong dry cargo ship carrying grain.

The Chinese crew managed to evacuate in time - 21 people are safe. But the fate of the seamen who were on board the oil tanker - 30 Iranians and two citizens of Bangladesh - is still unknown. Communication with them was lost.

"We have no evidence of what happened to the crew on board the Iranian oil tanker." The search for the missing crew members is still ongoing, "said Consul General of Iran in Shanghai Alireza Irvash.

The Iranian news agency referring to the representative of the Ministry of Oil of the country reported that 32 people-the entire crew of the tanker-were killed. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC has officially confirmed that there are victims.

Sanchi Iranian Oil Tanker fire

"The Chinese search and rescue boat has found the body of one person, his identity is being established." The authorities have already sent to the scene a lot of rescue teams to conduct search operations, although, as far as we understand, the weather conditions are extremely unfavorable. "China is making every effort," the spokesman said. Foreign Ministry of China Liu Kang.

Assistance in the search was offered by South Korea, where the tanker was heading: the authorities of this country provided a ship of the Coast Guard and a helicopter. Later, the Navy joined the operation. China, in addition, sent a ship to the wreck site: the area of ??the oil slick is about a kilometer, and it's not just about the ecological catastrophe.

On board the Iranian tanker - 136 thousand tons of gas condensate. Vapors complicate the work of rescuers and pose a serious danger for them. But the main thing is the threat of explosion and flooding of the vessel. The Chinese State Administration for Safety at Sea has already banned the movement of ships within a radius of 10 nautical miles from the crash site.

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