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  • Kinderdijk, Smitweg 6, 2961 AW Kinderdijk, PO Box 3, 2960 AA Kinderdijk
  • +31 88 015 25 35; +31 88 015 5555
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Royal IHC is a one-stop shop for vessels, equipment and services for specialist maritime service providers in the dredging, mining and offshore industries. We operate from different sites and offices around the world, enabling us to ensure a local presence and support on every continent.

Here are some key figures about Royal IHC:


more than 2,700 employees
in 36 locations worldwide
36.3% with a higher education or university diploma

A prime focus within Royal IHC is to continue to invest in the development of knowledge and skills of our current and future employees. At IHC you can become as successful as you want. We at IHC want you to develop yourself grow and make the next step to more senior or different roles.

Отдел кадрового обеспечения отвечает за заполнение временных требований и вакансий. Мы ищем лучших и наиболее подходящих кандидатов для удовлетворения нашего спроса - на всем Королевском IHC. Новые поставщики, соблюдая наши условия, имеют возможность подать заявку на позиции, с которыми IHC испытывает трудности с заполнением.

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