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World Tankers Management Pte Ltd

  • Singapore, 7500A Beach Road, No. 10-313, The Plaza
  • (65) 6299 6122
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World Tankers Management Pte Ltd (WTM) manages its marine tanker business in as safe, reliable, economic, environmentally friendly and risk free a manner as is humanly possible to ensure there is no danger of harm to individuals, the environment or property and thereby inspiring confidence in our clients and employees. At WTM we believe the human element is the single most important factor in running a safe shipping operation. As a consequence of this, the size of the company is deliberately kept to a size where the personal touch in whatever we do is maintained. We aspire to be recognized by our clients and staff as a ‘boutique’ operation noted for the excellence of it’s management. World Tankers Management Pte Ltd (WTM) was established in Singapore in 1993 by the Haji-Ioannou family, prominent Greek ship owners who have interests in ship owning, airlines and property. Starting as in-house ship managers, exclusively managing assets controlled by Polys Haji-Ioannou, we currently manage 'Aframax', ‘MR’ product and chemical tankers up to 110,000 MT deadweight each. WTM also offers a range of third party management services to select Owners wishing to partner and place their assets with us.

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