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Superyacht jobs agencies first appeared in the late 1970's and as the industry developed yacht crew agents evolved to play an essential roll in keeping the professionalism now required by government regulation to the forefront of the industry and the yachts themselves manned. Superyachtcrewagents is dedicated to yacht crew agencies worldwide that specialise in the supply of professional yacht crew. A good yacht crew agency, in fact all yacht crew agencies, should check out references and qualifications before they ever send a candidate to an interview making your job as Captain or manager as simple as possible when re-crewing.

You can still take crew from the docks, there are some great young people seeking work, but to take on crew with unchecked references or no history of working in a closed and close environment can be asking for trouble! Members of provide highly qualified Yacht Captains, Deck Officers, Engineers, Interior Staff, Chefs and Deck Crew.

Use the service of sending your resume (CV/AF) in a variety of crewing companies

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