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PRONAV Schiffahrtsberatung is a specialized and certified Crew Manager serving first class international and German ship owners and also provides crewing services to the PRONAV-managed vessels, especially modern LNG Carriers. PRONAV is specialized in crewing Tankers of all types but is also Crew Manager to modern Containerships. Whatever type of ship - we are proud to say that we do this more professional than most as we take greatest care to satisfy Customers' needs and invest top priority in human resources. Stringent selection procedures apply. Apart from interviews this consists of thorough checking of required documents, English testing, medical examination to highest standard, specific system training with manufacturers and simulator training. PRONAV allows generous time for on the job training and familiarization onboard the ship. Close contact to our seagoing personnel is very important to us, be it via ship visits or seminars and meetings ashore. PRONAV maintains agencies in most seafarer supply countries which are regularly audited. Over and above their normal recruitment and processing duties local Agents must treat seafarers as human assets, maintain a principal-dedicated pool of personnel, honour loyalty to PRONAV and must definitely not take any recruitment money from the seaman. Professional Crewing Services achieve Customer satisfaction. PRONAV combines first class resources, expertise and integration abilities into one package to satisfy Customers, who additionally benefit from a very high return rate in our fleet.

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