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«Топ Крю» ООО

  • Kerch, ул. Кирова, 87
  • +7(365)6140545
  • 20115821299 ФМС / 20.10.2015
  • 2,7 / оценок: 19

Top Crew LLC is an agency established in 2014 and focused on outstanding service for seafarers. This includes but not limited to training and recruitment, certification and visa support, insurance and travel arrangements.

We are happy to offer assistance to all interested crimean seafarers in obtaining full package of travel documents and join a vessel in any country of the world. 

We welcome both Russian and Ukrainian citizens in our office. We believe in Crimea to organize a bridge of friendship between two brotherly nations.

Режим работы: Пн - Пт с 09:00 до 18:00, перерыв с 13:00 до 14:00

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