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CAST-A-WAY Cruise & Resort Hiring Agency

  • Quebec, 3539 Boul. St-Charles suite 218 Kirkland
  • (514) 694-9606; (514) 694-1194
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We constantly strive to provide our clients with the most qualified crew that Canada , U.S. and the U.K. has to offer.

CAST-A-WAY can service your company by staffing the following positions;
-Food & Beverage (everything from culinary to servers/bartenders)
-Cruise staff / Social Hostess
-Youth Staff
-Merchandise / Sales staff
-Lifeguards -Photographers
-Housekeeping & Custodial
-Deck & Engine
-Disc Jockeys
-Entertainment Technicians
-Costume Characters
-Lounge Acts
-Hairstylists, fitness instructors, massage & beauty therapists
If you would need someone to fill a position that is not mentioned above, we’ll do our best to find it!

As a hiring agency, we will take all necessary action to provide you with the best applicants that you may be seeking for shipboard and resort employment positions. We plan to execute the following procedures, on a regular basis to ensure a bank of top quality applicants.

Run ads in various newspapers all across Canada from coast to coast.

Organize open calls in colleges, universities and trade schools across the country.

Constantly attend functions in the city in search of "cruise ship / resort material"

Use the service of sending your resume (CV/AF) in a variety of crewing companies

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