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Atlas Professionals

  • Одесса, ул. Среднефонтанская, 19-Б, офис 8
  • 38(048)777-41-63; 785-52-30 / 31
  • АГ 507933 МТиСПУ / 02.08.2011
  • 3,6 / оценок: 10

If quality and reliability are key for your business, Atlas Professionals is the partner you need to deliver highly qualified personnel. We create custom-made, comprehensive HR packages, which allows you to focus on the project without any concerns about manpower.

Since its inception in 1982, Atlas Professionals has grown to become a no-nonsense, dependable HR service provider in the energy and marine industries with a mission to turn complex personnel challenges into transparent and secure solutions.

Atlas Professionals the following offices are certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards

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