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COSMOS Marine Management S.A.

  • Калифея, 74, Epaminondas Str., 17674
  • 30 210 9409771 / 2; 30 210 9409770
  • 4,6 / оценок: 8

COSMOS Marine Management is the leading Crew Management Company in Greece. COSMOS Marine Management is focusing on the employment of experienced, duly certified and qualified seamen for a large fleet of vessels, consisting of bulk carriers, tankers, reefers, containers and passenger vessels.

COSMOS Marine Management SA is established in 1991 by four port-captains with ample experience in crewing. The supreme company’s expertise in crewing is at your disposal, on any issue related with your vessels' crew at any time, before, during or after their employment.

The company maintains a large network of well-established crewing offices around the world to provide ship managers with the most reliable, cost-effective and efficient crewing service. Either you prefer single nationality or multinational crew compliments, COSMOS Marine Management can assist you in recruiting suitable seafarers, keeping them in your fleet and gradually building your own pool of seamen.

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