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  • Аттика, 79, Vassileos Constantinou Str.,Varkiza, Attica, GR- 16672
  • 30 2104224220; 30 2104224229
  • 2,3 / оценок: 12

ELVICTOR is one of the world’s leading independent crewing, crew management & training service providers. Since 1977, we offer unparalleled crewing solutions in partnership with some of the most sophisticated, respectable shipping houses.

We are committed crew managers and crew manning agents. This commitment is reflected in one simple fact:

Elvictor Group as a whole (including all its branches) is the first crew manager and crew manning agent accredited with ILO MLC globally back in 2010 (1st of June). We are proud of this achievement which is the culmination of our effort to establish Elvictor as a pioneer in crew management matters keeping abreast of all crewing developments that take place in the ever-changing shipping landscape.

The first type of crewing service that we offer is our crew manning scheme, which can be extended to include add-on crewing services following Principals’ relevant requests. A basic advantage of Elvictor is its ability to guarantee the quality and competence of proposed crew due to the fact that it has its own maritime training center. This allows us to be certain about the skill set of each individual crew member, schedule and complete any training requirement before embarkation of crew members (even under conditions of time pressure) and meet all training expectations in the most cost-efficient way.

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