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Allseas Marine S.A.

  • Вула, 15, Karamanli Ave., 16673, Voula
  • 30 210 8914600; 30 210 8995088
  • 2 / оценок: 3

ALLSEAS MARINE S.A. was established in the year 2000, emerging as a natural development from the successful operations of Eurocarriers S.A. Group (founded in 1993). ALLSEAS MARINE S.A. was initially dedicated to the operation of tanker vessels, thereafter expanding its activities to the management of bulk carriers and container vessels. Currently ALLSEAS MARINE S.A. manages 17 bulk carriers and 9 container vessels. Allseas Marine S.A. is also supervising the construction of 5 bulk carriers and 1 container vessel in shipyards in China for delivery from 2013 through to 2015.

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