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Beyaz Shipping Company

  • Стамбул, Imam Ethem Sk. No:9, 34692 Istanbul, Turkey
  • +90(216)532 5660; +90(216)532 5664
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Beyaz Shipping Company Limited is an Istanbul/Turkey originated Shipping company, experienced and engaged in Brokering, Agency and Ship Management since 2000. Our organization schema is basically consisting of Brokering/Chartering, Agency, Operation, Technical and Personnel Departments serving in a full scope of shipping issues.

We are managing dry cargo vessels since 2001 as in the list below:

  • MV Swallow 2001-2004
  • MV Lark 2001-2007
  • MV Andromeda 2003-2011
  • MV Princess Aba 2004-2009
  • MV Sila 2007- 2012 (3911 DWT Flag:Curacao Class:BV)
  • MV Arrow 2008- till now(5150 DWT Flag:Antigua&Barbuda Class:NKK)
  • MV Barko 2010- till now(22480 DWT Flag:Turkish Class:LR)
  • MV Umay 2012-till now(22480 DWT Flag:Cook Island Class:LR)
  • MV Navin Raven 2013 -till now(7280 DWT Flag:Marshall Islands Class:NK)
  • MV Navin Kestrel - till now(7330 DWT Flag:Marshall Islands Class:RMRS)

Since we started Ship Management, we are concerning with all requirements of the vessels in all respects such like certification, technical issues, personnel, chartering and all kind of supplies, etc.

As our vessels are able for unlimited navigations; we are experienced for handling the vessel needs all over the world but mostly in Black sea and Mediterranean region.
Such as cargo fixing, supplies, repairs, all kind of inspection and etc.

All our vessels are well maintained and well equipped vessels by our experienced crew, both on board and in the office.

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