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International Maritime Manning Agency (IMMA Ltd.)

  • Херсон, ул. Краснофлотская, 126, офис 201
  • 38(0552)42-52-17; 42-52-36
  • АЕ 272390 ГСЗ / 25.12.2013
  • 3,5 / оценок: 2

Serving the Seafarers Human resources industry since 1995 Crewing Agency IMMA Ltd. provides its principals with seafarers and specialists which have extensive experience on all types of vessels including in our services to arranging welders/fitters, electrical engineers , motorman, turners for ship yard industry we are able to assess the needs of both employers and applicants. Whenever possible, we assist the applicant in obtaining the necessary tests and licenses required.

All our officers and ratings have obtained the following require documents:

  • IMO internationally recognized certificate
  • Full compliance with all STCW95, ISM CODE requirements
  • Valid GMDSS certificates for all navigators

Included in our crewing and crew manning services is the preparation and processing of all documents (visa, seaman passports, etc.) necessary for travel.

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