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LAIS Maritime Crewing Agency

  • Одесса, ул. Фонтанская дорога, 9-Б
  • 38(0482)341372; 38(067)5181332; 38(093)3053065
  • AB 585284 / 23.11.2012
  • 3,1 / оценок: 19

LAIS MA company was established at the beginning of 2001. The Maritime Agency Lais acts on the basis of the permanent license AB № 585284 dated 23.11.2012, issued by the Ministry of the Social Policy of Ukraine.

A key priority of the Marine Agency Lais is to provide quality services through continuous improvement of the quality system. Our Quality Management System was certified in accordance with the ISO Standards 9001:2008 in 2013. Also our agency is an MLC compliant agency and duly certified. The quality system strictly regulates the selection and testing of Seafarers. To ensure our services meet the Clients' needs and requirements all business processes of the Agency are being monitored, evaluated, analised and improved constantly. So at present we have all necessary documents & licenses to supply foreign vessels with Ukrainian seafarers.

De jure address: 24, Genuezskaya str., off. 232, Odessa, Ukraine

Director: Dimitrieva Lubov Fyodorovna

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