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Marship Company Ltd

  • Москва, Зеленоград, Савелкинский проезд, 4, БЦ «Зеленый град» офис 708-714
  • +7(495)739-65-44; fax: +7(495)739-65-42
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The Company Marship Ltd was established on the 7 April, 1991. The Company’s fleet now consist of 9 vessels with modern navigational equipment under Russian flag.

The Head office of our company is located in Moscow. Furthermore, our representative officers were established in major Russian ports – Marship-Yug in Rostov-on-Don and Marship-Kuban in Yeisk.

Direct carriage of import-export cargoes by our ships in multimodal «river-sea» mode is an efficient, reliable and thrifty method of delivery.

Director Victor BatinGeneral

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