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Tamay Engineering

  • Стамбул, Evliya Celebi Mh. Istasyon Cd. Giptas Gemi Yan San.Sit. A.Blok No:20 34944
  • 90 216 446 83 38;90 216 446 83 40
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Tamay Engineering is a leading international shipping company with two strategic business areas: Shipping and shipping related technical services. Established in 1987, Tamay Engineering owns & operates 7 bulk carriers with a total capacity of 86.000 DWT.

Our Company management strategy allows us to meet professionally the demand for reliable and proper cargo transportation needs. Tamay Engineering is specialized in bulk and project cargo transportation with in-time delivery, fast and efficient cargo handling.

For more than 25 years Tamay Engineering team have earned a reputation of professionalism, competence and excellence of services well recognized by long-lasting customers.

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