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  • Варна, 23 Primorski Blvd, Floor 1 - 3 Town of Varna 9000
  • +359 52 626 989;+359 899 251 344
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SAFWAT BG Limited is a Bulgarian Crew Manning Agency, licensed under number 1490 by Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Bulgaria to provide seafarers.

SAFWAT BG Ltd. is registred as ADMINISTRATOR OF PERSONAL DATA with Certificate under id. number 339306 issued by Comission for Personal Data Protection.

SAFWAT BG is dedicated to providing excellent seamen with fluent Maritime English to Shipowners/ Managers and Crewing companies worldwide.

Bulgarian crews selected by SAFWAT BG fully comply with international STCW’95 standards and are carefully checked by the Minimum Safe Manning Document for each estimated Vessel. Our seafarers can easily fly to different destinations without any specific travel arrangements, as they are European Union citizens.

SAFWAT BULGARIA LTD was established and has been growing on the International and Bulgarian Manning markets since 2008, when Mr. Mihail V. Georgiev (Master Mariner in Navigation) entered the joint venture with SAFWAT Group of companies which have been serving in Crewing Industry for over 17 years, by providing various Shipping Companies with Highly Qualified crews.


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