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Great Southern Shipping Ltd.

  • Мельбурн, Level 1, 294 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
  • 61432-554-004
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Great Southern Shipping is committed to conducting its business in an ethical manner. Our corporate governance policies encapsulate Great Southern Shipping's owners', directors' and senior management's commitments to ensuring the highest standard of ethical conduct in the way Great Southern Shipping conducts its business.

GSS expects its suppliers and business partners to adhere to the same principles. Great Southern Shipping's core values are designed to ensure professionalism in all that it does, respect for employees, an on-going concern for safety and environmental protection and a commitment to contribute to the development of the communities where we do business. The core principles underpinning Great Southern Shipping's Values and Code of Conduct are:

- Respect for people
- Upholding human rights
- Promoting free competition
- Preventing corruption and fraud
- Promoting financial transparency
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