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  • Мариуполь, ул. Черноморская 11, оф. 27
  • 38(0629)41-71-48/49/50
  • АГ №507865 МТиСП / 09.03.2011
  • 4,3 / оценок: 3

While the process of crew selection we do the following:

  1. Test qualification of the seafarers in their field (Using test program CES developed by Seagull, Norway);
  2. Test professional knowledge of English (carried out by English inspector and MARLINS computer test);
  3. Verify authenticity of the documents of each seafarer (in the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine).

BARK Agency is certified by Russian Register and acts in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Code requirements. Certificate No. 05.087.026. view certificate-1, view certificate-2.

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