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Epsilon Maritime Services

  • Симферополь, ул. Киевская 133, офис 144
  • 0652599490; 599491; 599492
  • AB 585247 МСПУ / 02.10.2012
  • 4,4 / оценок: 5

Epsilon Crimea Maritime Services Ltd

  • Crew Wages, in accordance with the cover selected (CBA or not) and the nationality preferred by the Principal
  • Recruiting expenses, inclusive of Visas, Domestic travel expenses, STCW Documentation, medical examinations, company uniforms, safety shoes, winter and safety gear
  • Joining & repatriation ticket expenses for all crew.
  • Crew Victualing Cost
  • Primary Insurance cover for up to usual P+I deductible
  • Communication charges (Epsilon outgoing)
  • Cash to Master inclusive of Bank charges, insurance costs and exchange difference costs
  • Advanced Training to include BRM, ERM and ECDIS Specific
  • In-House and Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • MGA and accounts control
  • Union negotiations (where applicable)
  • Legal expenses
  • Attendance expenses, including a number of regular visits annually by our staff (Port Captain or Supt. Engineer) to the ship
  • Management Fee
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