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Anglo-Eastern Ukraine

  • Одесса, ул. Балковская 84, офис 401, бизнес-центр
  • 380487340787 / 86; 7001105 / 06
  • АВ 466997 МТиСПУ / 15.09.2009
  • 3,8 / оценок: 4

As part of the Anglo-Eastern Univan Group, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management offers its services to shipowners around the globe, serving all types and sizes of ships.  

The Anglo-Eastern Group has been established in the mid 80s with a primary focus on the provision of Ship Management, Crew Management and New Building Consultancy services to third parties worldwide.

Anglo-Eastern has a pool of over 10,000 professional crewmembers and over 600 full-time qualified shore-based staff positioned globally to assist owners with their needs. Experience with employing crew from the following countries: India, China, Croatia, Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, Poland, UK, New Zealand, Myanmar, The Netherlands, Latvia and Ukraine.


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