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MA Global Odessa

  • Одесса, пер. Н. Ониловой, 8/10, офис 21
  • +38(048)7253342; fax: +38(048)722 51 39
  • АВ 547282 МТиСПУ / 03.09.2010
  • 3,9 / оценок: 8

Global Crewmanagement is a crew manning and ship management agency.

Global Crewmanagement is the international maritime specialist that monitors the changing environment on behalf of ship owners and provides an optimum service to its clients. From our Head Office in Groningen, the Netherlands and our branch offices in Germany and the Ukraine, we have been providing our services to many shipping companies for more than 10 years. Our Head Office in Groningen is situated in the near vicinity of ports as Delfzijl, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bremen and Hamburg. We employ many international staff members and are able to serve our clients professionally and personally in many different countries. Our shore-based staff has 20 years experience in the shipping business and offshore industry. 

As a result of our many years of experience, we are a reliable, professional and flexible partner in the maritime sector. We offer our clients a dedicated crew manager, who promotes your interests 24/7 and selects the crew that is best suited to you. We take account of your requirements in terms of personnel policy, vessel type, freight, and engine room. The crew manager and our board value personal contact; they visit the vessel, the crew and the client on a regular basis.

Our core values are:

  • client-led approach;
  • top quality;
  • efficient services;
  • transparent communication;
  • long-term relationship.

Client-led approach: Your requirements and wishes are central. Together with you, the client, we develop a tailored package of services. 'Your succes is our succes!'

Top quality: Our certified processes safeguard our quality and we are 'MLC 2006' proof. Our organization is certified by DNV for NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 and for Crew Manning Offices and Private Recruitement and Placement Services. Part 2: Private Recruitement and Placement Services based on the requirements in the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, part 1.4.

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