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Vival Marine LTD

  • Одесса, 8/10 Konnaya Str.
  • 380487860777; 380487860778; fax: 380487860779
  • AB 487527 Министерство Труда Украины / 20.01.2010
  • 4,7 / оценок: 3

Vival Marine Crewing Department are proud to introduce our Company «Vival Marine LTD», which was founded in April 1998, in Odessa, Ukraine.

The field of activity of Vival Marine Company is rather wide. There are:

  • all kinds of passenger and dry cargo ships management;
  • technical management / own ship yard;
  • agent / ship chandler in Ukrainian Black Sea ports;
  • crewing;
  • cargo and passenger sea shipment on board our own ships;
  • worldwide tourism and Marine cruises;
  • passengers air transportations to any point of the world (own Air Agency).

As Vival Marine LTD exists on Ukrainian Shipping market more then 14 years, before it was a branch of Ukrainian-Swiss Join Venture Blasplan since 1992, and we are well known for Ukrainian seafarers and enjoy their confidence.

Vival Marine crewing Department is completed with high-qualified specialists-experts, having a rich many years experience in the shipping industry and in the crew forming for any type of vessels ranging from the merchant ships to passenger/cruise ships.

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