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Orion Shipping Co.

  • Измаил, пр. Суворова 13, офис 1
  • 380(4841)62135;380(4841)21739;380(4841)22619
  • АВ 585143 МТиСПУ / 28.04.2012
  • 4 / оценок: 12

ORION SHIPPING Company is one of the reputed maritime recruiting agents in recruiting well qualified and experienced professional and skilled seafarers. On market since 1996.

• ORION SHIPPING Company is registered with the Ministry of Labour. (Govt. Of Ukraine) License No.AA 217436. Company Quality Management System is certified by Bureau Veritas in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

• We have in files a large number of seafarers duly selected and interviewed, tested and categorized, ready to travel immediately.

• Based in Izmail ORION SHIPPING Company also has excellent relationships with local training centres preparing individuals for the offshore industry.

• Using our database, ORION SHIPPING Company has supplied full crews for dry cargo vessels, bulk carriers, container vessels, product tankers, oil tankers, and river boats of any calibre.

• The checking and verification methods we use make certain the seafarers we supply possess the training, skills, and qualifications as stated in their certificates and licenses, and that they meet the STCW'78 convention standards as amended in 1995, as well as the ISM code.

• ORION SHIPPING Company shares extremely good relations with the Overseas Embassies. We are confident that we can meet the highest standard of your company in recruiting.

• ORION SHIPPING Company has a policy of undertaking reference checks, wherever possible, before introducing applicants to prospective employers.

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