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  • Таллин, Estonia, Kadaka tee, 72A – 217, 12618
  • +372 671 8642;+372 671 8642;+372 671 8640
  • 11483935 COMMERCIAL REGISTER OF ESTONIA / 11.03.2008
  • 4 / оценок: 9

KT Ship Ltd is a management company registered in Estonia and offering services for ship owners and seafarers all over the world.

KT Ship has been established in year 2008 as a part of Esman group and staffed with well skilled personnel having a vast over 10 years experience in this field. Esman group itself has been established in 1995.

Our company has strong business relationship with reputable companies all over the world.

Despite being quite a small company on a very busy and competitive market we are totally convinced that when everyone is moving forward working hardly together, then success takes care of itself.

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