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Tramontana MA

  • Севастополь, ул. Рыбаков, 5а, офис 222
  • +7 499 649-48-00; 7 (978) 072-3060; 7 (978) 749-9860
  • AB 547314 МПиСПУ / 10.11.2010
  • 3 / оценок: 2

Tramontana Marine Agency was organized in Sevastopol, Ukraine with an aim to bring a new stream to the crew-management and manning services. It was certified by Ukrainian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies in 2010. The Company is focused on providing of marine crew for offshore oil and gas sector. 

Starting from providing crew for the 4 vessels of the one single client at 2010, Tramontana developed the strong partnership with reputable shipping companies all over the world and presently is providing manning services for more than 15 shipping companies continuing its growth.


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