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Glory Maritime Services

  • Одесса, ул. Балковская, 30
  • 38(0482)377843;38(048)7373345
  • AB 585211 МТиСПУ / 28.08.2012
  • 2 / оценок: 3

«Glory Maritime Services» is a Crewing Company, which provides services in employment of qualified Seafarers by requirement of foreign Shipowners/Employers.

Our main activity is recruitment of marine specialists for various types of vessels: container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, Ro-Ro and offshore fleet. Also, we are ready to propose Repair Teams (Fitters, Welders, Turners), operating on board, onshore or in dock repairs.

We can guarantee our Partners, that every our specialist is certified in accordance with IMO, STCW’95 Regulations.

The large database (about 6000 candidates) allows us to provide selection of specialists of all ranks in the shortest time.

”G M S” works closely with numerous Odessa Maritime Institutions, which makes it possible to look confidently to the future, developing long-term Cadets program.

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