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Ocean Armada

  • Одесса, ул. Жуковского 33, офис 303
  • +380487014813;Ln 1:+380735343111;Ln 2:+380735343112
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"OCEAN ARMADA" is an innovative crew manning agency which provides effective ship crew management solutions to the shipping companies worldwide.

Our team has wide experience in supplying Eastern-European marine personnel for different types of vessels including merchant, cruise and offshore fleets.

Though "Ocean Armada" supplies marine personnel for all types of vessels, our priority trend is specialists for Oil and Gas industry.

We provide:

  • Tailor-made services to our clients, focusing on the clients′ major needs, efficiency and cost-saving policy;
  • As crew managers we undertake the full scope of management operations required by our ship-owner clients, ensuring that each vessel we are responsible for is manned with qualified and well-trained officers and ratings, including screening and selection, thorough references and documents check, assessment, long-term crew planning and arrangements, training, safety familiarization, liaising with vessel regarding any matters;
  • Friendly team available 24\7.

Our goal is the successful operation and expansion of our company in terms of compliance and improvement of the quality of service for our Customers.

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