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AOS - African Offshore Services

  • Лимасол, 67, Spyrou Araouzou Street, Ulysses House, Office 202, CY 3036
  • +357 25028400; Fax: +357 25028405
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Marine Subsea Cyprus Holding Limited

AOS – African Offshore Services is a leading player in offshore accommodation and support in West Africa. We have a proven track record and extensive experience in our field of operation.

We are strongly networked with national and international operators working in the region and are on the bidders list of all the oil majors. Our clients include the national and international oil companies as well as the leading service companies.

Our current fleet includes 5 conventionally moored accommodation barges, all on long-term charters. Furthermore, we have access to additional accommodation and support equipment in cooperation with our partners.

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