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  • Клайпеда, Tilzes str. 15-5
  • 37067-292-676
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Kroneksas UAB is an independent Marine Recruitment Agency, based in Klaipeda, Lithuania.
We are specializing in providing qualified Marine and Offshore Personnel of all ranks to the Clients worldwide both for permanent and temporary employment.

We firmly believe that our industry knowledge, working experience and individual approach ensure that our Clients receive only the best possible services.

Our database is rapidly growing and we are able to offer following Marine Personnel:

  • Masters,
  • Chief Engineers,
  • Deck and Engine Officers,
  • Electrical Engineers,
  • Ratings (Able Seamen, Motormen, Cooks),
  • Repairmen (Fitters, Welders, Painters),
  • Deck and Engine Cadets.

All the candidates are in comply with the requirements of the STCW-95 convention, fully qualified to meet their respective ranks, experienced by working on various types of ships.

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