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  • Буэнос-Айрес, Vicente Fidel López 70, 3°B (1640), Martínez
  • 54 (11) 4793 7762
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CAUX International Group was founded in September 2007 with the sole opurpose to recruit qualified personnel for the major cruise line companies. After some succesful years recruiting staff of all levels, the company decided to take a new challenge by expanding to other markets such as the recruitment for Hotels and Resorts around the world and the creation of the Intercultural division.

At the present time CAUX International Group is organized into 2 well differentiated divisions:

  • CAUX Hospitality: recruits personnel from all Latin American countries to work for Cruise Line CompaniesRestaurants and Hotel Chains, offeringCruise JobsHotel JobsInternships and Management Training Programs. In addition to that CAUX Hospitality also provides Consulting Jobs to various companies in the Industry.
  • CAUX InterCultural: promotes the cultural development of the people by offering different types of programs such as Language Courses, Work & Travel, AU Pairs, Summer Camps, Semester or Year High School in USA, Professional Internships in different Industries.

The Team of CAUX International Group consists of professionals with extensive experience in the hospitality industry who have not only worked for large and small luxury cruise lines, but also in different hotels and resorts around the world.

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